Learn KNX
by practising!


The one and only online tool which you will be able to practice with as if it was a real installation, without timetables, without shifts and as many times you want!


Design, wire, configure, commission and verify from small virtual installations to large KNX circuits.
And if you want, you can control them from mobile applications


KNX Simulator in constantly growing up. Regularly, virtual KNX devices by different manufacturers will be added... and much more!


KNX Partner, educational centres, sector students and professionals, training centers and KNX manufacturers: our simulator is an effective tool useful for everyone.



We make an innovative online simulation tool available to you so that you learn and/or strengthen your KNX knowledge through practice.

  • Without investing in physical devices
  • Without leaving home
  • Without timetables
  • Without shifts
  • Anytime you want!



Catalogue with vitrual devices that simulate all you need to practice. You won't need to imagine anything!

  • Compare conventional installations vs. KNX installations. There are devices at your disposal which simulate conventional electrical behaviour (no KNX).
  • Move and position all types of blinds: awnings, blinds, Venetian blinds (slats), roller blinds, venting louvres.
  • Carry out from small KNX installations to large circuits (area, line and coupler repeaters).
  • Control your projects from wherever you want: KNX push-buttons, ETS groups monitor and free mobile applications such as ComfortClick or EasyKNX.



Periodic updates of the KNX Simulator virtual catalogue. We will be constantly introducing tools so that you will find news whenever you want to practice again with us.

  • KNX virtual devices from different manufacturers.
  • New applications.
  • More simulation resources.



  • Resume and strengthen previous knowledge. Get fit!
  • Enrich your knowledge without undue pressure, at your pace.
  • Take advantage of each and every of the KNX virtual devices (they behave just as the real ones).
  • Make the most of your practices thanks to our simulation resources.
  • Having loads of students and few training control panels or not being able to attend face-to-face lessons will not be a problem anymore.
  • Do not be afraid of your students' mistakes. Simulated devices DO NOT break!
  • Are face-to-face practice periods not enough? Now, students will be able to finish them outside of the classroom.
  • Monitoring of learning (.ks files): verify each students' practices
  • Learn KNX by following our applications' exemplary practices and increase your services by introducing comfort technology and energy efficiency in buildings.
  • Harmonize working days with your own practical learning and that of your staff.
  • Prepare yourself to comply with Directive 2010/31/EU on the energy performance of buildings, according to which buildings must have an almost zero-energy comsumption from 2020 onwards (NZEB).
  • Your commercial and training teams will have an effective ally in the KNX Simulator regarding the business' expansion and product sample in every market.
  • Forget about the inconveniences of carrying cases to presentations and also about the damage that this causes to the devices.
  • Increase the audience in your product courses and give to all present people the opportunity to practice individually.
  • Do you want your devices to be part of our catalogue of simulated devices? Let us know!


How many users can be connected to one simulator at the same time?

There can only be one user manipulating the simulator at the same time.

How can I acquire KNX Simulator?

KNX Simulator is marketed by individual licences for use. The validity of these licences for use lasts 30 days (720 hours), which are uninterrupted from the moment you buy it onwards.

Is it possible to uptade KNX Simulator?

Yes, it is. There is a roadmap from the output version 0.5.1 and the updates will be automatic, without additional costs.

Which are the manufacturers of the simulated devices?

Currently (0.7.3), our KNX virtual devices simulate Jung manufacturer's behaviour, but we will be introducing new manufacturers. Conventional electrical equipment virtual devices are generic, they do not coincide with any specific brand.

Is KNX Simulator compatible with ETS5 software?

Of course! From the perspective of the user, there is practically no difference between a real remote installation and one made with KNX Simulator, so the configuration and commissioning of KNX Simulator virtual devices must be carried out by using ETS5.

Is KNX Simulator a software by KNX Association?

No, it isn't. KNX Simulator is a simulation software/tool by an independent business which is based on the open worldwide KNX standard.
However, KNX Simulator is a KNX Association member.

Is there a demo of KNX Simulator?

We do not have a demo version at your disposal yet, but you can take a look at our Galery to check all KNX Simulator functionalities.

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